Spray Before You Play!

I am currently offering two bottles of Attack-a-Tick for $20 plus shipping.  While supplies last, I am also including a 4×10″ Ziploc pouch with a checklist for a tick kit.  This little giveaway is the perfect size for the recommended items and is a sturdy case, especially for camping and hiking.  Buyers also receive a product pamphlet on the tick repellent, a booklet on Lyme disease and a bookmark explaining how to properly remove a tick provided by the CDC, and a Lyme awareness ribbon sticker.


I love the amount of information included with each purchase, and these pouches are ideal for housing tick kits, your portable, just-in-case insurance.  After all, prevention by using a tick repellent is just the second step.  The first is the power of awareness, and with that comes the knowledge that with the number of ticks infiltrating our environments rapidly increasing, it is impossible to deter them all.  Thus, the third step is knowing exactly how to react if a tick is found or symptoms appear.

CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY!!  Contact me at jena.whiston@gmail.com for questions.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 7.32.28 PM

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