Those with any experience with Lyme disease ask the same question:  what can we do to protect ourselves from ticks??  A critical questions with multiple answers.

Yes, there are chemical sprays with DEET with great track records of repelling ticks.  This is the one my husband and his fellow hunters use during hunting season.  Research shows that it’s very effective, and as is important to hunters, it doesn’t have that chemical smell most tick repellents have.  The perks to these types of sprays is that they are often sweat and water-proof, and they do not have to be reapplied often.

Still, there are others options.  As a woman who has been actively working to eliminate the toxins in my body –toxins which hinder by ability to get well –I just can’t bear to apply more chemicals to my body.  I did a lot of research and reading to discover that studies have shown both lemon eucalyptus and rose geranium essential oils can be as effective as DEET as long as they are reapplied more often.  To me, that’s absolutely doable!

I researched and tried lots and lots of tick repellent recipes.  Eventually, I began creating my own.  It includes:  rose geranium, lemon eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme, and citronella oils topped with a carrier oil.  I’ve compared different brands of these oils to determine the ones I felt were thicker and stronger.  Now, we have make our vats of Attack-a-Tick in bulk and keep bottles all over our home –one at each door, one on the porch, in each vehicle, and a small bottle in my purse.  I often give Attack-a-Tick as gifts, especially for Mother’s Day, the month that officially kicks off Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

For just $11, you can purchase a bottle of Attack-a-Tick. $2.85 additional covers shipping and handling. We do our very best to ship orders within 1-3 days.


Order individual bottles for $11 plus $2 tax and shipping.


We are also offering TWO bottles for $20 plus shipping and handling, and it includes all this…


Sale Bundle of Attack-a-Tick

Order two bottles for $20 plus $4 tax and shipping


If you experience difficulties ordering or have questions, please email me at It is my goal to keep as many individuals as possible from becoming sick with chronic Lyme disease the way I have. My story does NOT have to be your or your children’s stories.

Be vigilant. Be proactive. Be aggressive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe to use on my dog?
We use this product on our own dogs and have had no problems with it. However, each animal and person may respond differently to essential oils. It’s best to try one squirt in a small area to make sure the animal does not have an allergic reaction. The oils in this blend are safe for dogs. Peppermint is the only questionable oil, but it is used in such a small, diluted amount, it should not cause a problem. Any animal or person can have an allergic reaction though, so be sure to use first…one spray, one area…and wait about an hour to make sure it doesn’t cause a reaction.

Is this safe to use on my cat?
Essential oils are not safe to use on felines as cats’ livers cannot break down the enzymes, potentially causing liver failure. Consult your veterinarian before using ANY essential oils on cats. We do not recommend this product for your feline pets.

Is this waterproof?
Attack-a-Tick, just like any oil-based repellant, is not waterproof. If my daughters jump into the lake and swim, the oil will not stay on for hours like it would with DEET. However, it IS water-repellent. If they jump on the trampoline and sweat, for example, they are okay. Depending on the type of activity, we usually reapply Attack-a-Tick every four hours. If they are completely submerged in water, I respray them when they are finished in the water. Reapplication should be based on level of activity.

Is this safe to use on a pregnant or nursing woman?
Because of the use of peppermint, we would not recommend using this product on pregnant or nursing women. Peppermint oil can cause a significant reduction in milk production; therefore, please do not use this product or any product using peppermint essential oil on pregnant or nursing women. Research ALL essential oils when pregnant or breastfeeding.

**Note: If you would like a blend created without peppermint (or any other oils except lemon eucalyptus and rose geranium), please contact me at We will happily create a safe product that works best for you!

Is this safe to use on children?
This product was designed specifically for my children, ages 4, 9, 16, 17, and 18 at the time. The goal was to create a blend with as many components, proven effective in numerous case studies, as possible without harmful chemicals and toxins, such as DEET. Therefore, YES, this product is safe for children, especially considering there are NO chemicals in this blend. No other tick repellent on the market boasts this!
We would not recommend this product for newborns to age three months as their skin is incredibly porous and will absorb all products into their tiny bodies. (Please research using products, from tick repellents to sunscreen, on children under three months of age.) For children three months to three years, we recommend spraying once on the ankle and waiting 30-60 minutes to make sure the child does not have a reaction. As always, use your best discretion when applying anything to your child’s skin.


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