My Dad, My Superman

  Father's Day is a complicated holiday for me.  While it is supposed to be a celebration of the men in our lives, it's often a day of regrets for me.  Cards and commercials force me to consider the choices I've made over the years and the permanent consequences of those choices --consequences my children... Continue Reading →


The last month has been a jumble of activity here.  Three graduations.  Two birthdays.  A baby shower.  It has been one celebration after another, and thankfully, my body has, for the most part, cooperated.  Oddly enough though, I've spent a good bit of those celebrations with tears in my eyes. During Izzi's Pre-K graduation ceremony,... Continue Reading →

Resignation: Who Am I Now?

My great-grandmother was a teacher.  I've ran my fingers over her name and her sisters' names on the raised font on the plaque outside the one-room school house at Cedar Creek State Park. My great-Aunt Betty was a teacher, briefly, until she earned her PhD and helped the world in other ways. My mom is a daycare... Continue Reading →

The Story Teller

My nephew Andrew Luke was born a little over a week ago. Although he is less than seven pounds and nearly five hours away, this miracle baby already occupies such a huge piece of our hearts. With each new photo, we are astonished at his mere existence. Izzi, who has always possessed an incredible fondness... Continue Reading →

Because This How I REALLY Look

Can we be real for about two minutes?  That's it.  Just two.  Then we can all go back to our perfect lives. This is what I look like when I wake up. See that hair?  Yeah, it's INSANE.  It deserves its own zip code!  With the chest port, I haven't mastered the art of keeping... Continue Reading →

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