Something inside me is itchy, an internal prickling I can't scratch. I have more time than ever, yet I find myself unable to focus on anything.  I am obsessed with scrolling, rarely compelled to click on links and certainly not finishing articles, no matter how important.  I'm addicted to the headlines without the commitment of... Continue Reading →

Stripped Down

(Warning:  This post includes graphic imagery and an oh-so-uncomfortable topic.  I hope you'll stick with me, but I won't judge if you can't.) I made one of the hardest decisions of my life last week.  I had surgery, and about 50 stitches and two drains later, I am not even flat-chested; I am concave.  I... Continue Reading →

Coming Unglued

I want to give you just the right words.  Ones that will fill your cup, that will stick to your insides as you swallow gulps of hope and inspiration.  I want to be a light in your life, not just another sad story.  I want to be strong, but somehow that word --strong --has become... Continue Reading →

How’s Your Hope Meter?

As a chronic illness warrior, plans are scary.  It's hard to plan for the future, whether it be a couple hours from now or in a few weeks, when you live with an unpredictable health condition. I am a planner by nature and thrive on knowing what to expect.  Nothing makes me feel more productive... Continue Reading →

Not Even Kidding

This evening I refereed a squabble that involved a pepperoni roll to the eye.  Not even kidding. If my daughters don't stop bickering, I'm going to need strong meds and a padded room. As we left our evening church service today, I overflowed with the power of the Easter message.  Our three pastors delivered an... Continue Reading →

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