Not Even Kidding

This evening I refereed a squabble that involved a pepperoni roll to the eye.  Not even kidding. If my daughters don't stop bickering, I'm going to need strong meds and a padded room. As we left our evening church service today, I overflowed with the power of the Easter message.  Our three pastors delivered an... Continue Reading →

I Get To

Most of us want to make a difference in this world.  We hope to leave it a bit better than we received it, but at the end of each day, we wonder if we are making any kind of impact at all.  We desire something drastic, a tsunami of change. As a teacher for 15... Continue Reading →

As One, For One

When the youth pastor said, “If you're comfortable, Jena, let us lay our hands on you and pray for God to heal you.” What the... what?  My stomach flipped and my heart raced.  Fear enveloped me.  All of those people circling around me?  All of these kids focusing on me? I’m more of a behind... Continue Reading →

Awkward Silence

She wept.  She talked and wept as we sat there. Later, after our visit, as my eight-year-old and I drive down the graveled driveway, my daughter looks up at me with those pensive brown eyes and say, "Momma, we should've have left a half hour ago." "It was a lot of sitting.  Was it too... Continue Reading →

Feeling Froggy

It's the first Sunday of March, and the windows of my home are open.  After a long winter of frigid temperatures and numbing isolation, it is glorious to feel the refreshing breeze tickle my face while listening to the beautiful chirping of our spring peepers.  These melodic little frogs sing their chorus, a jingle a... Continue Reading →

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