Get Ticked Off – Part 3: Be Reactive

This is the third article in a four part series on tick safety and Lyme disease.  Read the first article here and the second here.  This post is similar to a previous post, but with several critical updates added.  Please read, share, and DO THIS; it could save your life.  Read this now. Don't bookmark it to... Continue Reading →

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Spray Before You Play!

I am currently offering two bottles of Attack-a-Tick for $20 plus shipping.  While supplies last, I am also including a 4x10" Ziploc pouch with a checklist for a tick kit.  This little giveaway is the perfect size for the recommended items and is a sturdy case, especially for camping and hiking.  Buyers also receive a... Continue Reading →

Scary Good

There is no way to properly express the mixture of joy, relief and productivity I feel each time a family purchases a bottle of my tick repellent.  It isn't about profit.  After all, at this point, frankly, I earn only about two dollars per order.  But I didn't decide to do this as an income.... Continue Reading →

Tick Talk

I hope by now you've read and reread all the traditional suggestions for prevention of and treatment for tick bites.  As I am continually bombarded with messages from moms seeking advice, generally for tick bites on their children, I often feel helpless to this epidemic. It's like I can see a horrific car accident about... Continue Reading →


After becoming infected with Lyme disease, I researched and researched tick repellants, desperately seeking the best protection for my five children. Yes, there are chemical sprays with DEET with great track records of repelling ticks.  This is the one my husband and his fellow hunters use during hunting season.  Research shows that it’s very effective,... Continue Reading →

The Game You Can’t Win

Click Here for a link to an interview I did from home with WDTV. Click Here for the edited version that actually aired and includes a little clip of my sweet white Lab puppy.  🙂

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