A Way In the Wilderness

I am on a journey, a new path into a wilderness I would not have chosen to explore for myself.  With each step the terrain becomes a little more treacherous.  The underbrush grows thicker.  The trail less marked.  My steps are timid and reluctant, but I am moving steadily, often reaching out into this wilderness... Continue Reading →

Waiting Well

One would think that after four years of waiting for a cure for my chronic Lyme disease, I would be nothing short of stellar at this whole wait-and-see thing, right? Nope.  Not even close. But this waiting is different.  In the month since phrases like irregular margins and high suspicion of malignancy entered our vocabulary,... Continue Reading →

Heal Me, and I Shall Be Healed

I have never been one to publicly claim scripture.  Certainly not one to declare God's intentions or timing.  I don't honestly know how God's actual voice sounds. This doesn't mean that I'm not a Christian or that God's never sent a clear and fortuitous message to me.  Until recently, I guess I never thought of... Continue Reading →

Cancer. I Have Cancer.

How do I tell my babies? How do I tell my mom? I’ve always been the strong one. The one who says, “everything will be okay” and “it’s going to be fine.  Just fine.” But I don’t know that right now.  I have more questions than answers, and fine feels unreachable.  It seems like a lifetime... Continue Reading →

Between the Covers

This is under construction.  Big, exciting things are coming very soon, so check back on Monday  Meanwhile, for those have asked, when I study the Bible I have entire army of variations of the Word surround me.  The four identified below are my go-tos.    Again, sorry for the mess, XO!   NIV, Bible to... Continue Reading →

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