Feeling Froggy

It's the first Sunday of March, and the windows of my home are open.  After a long winter of frigid temperatures and numbing isolation, it is glorious to feel the refreshing breeze tickle my face while listening to the beautiful chirping of our spring peepers.  These melodic little frogs sing their chorus, a jingle a... Continue Reading →

Suffering Well

"You are so brave.  I am proud of you for fighting this cancer battle...  I do not suffer well..." Late into the night, this message lights up my phone screen. In the midst of an infection and Lyme flare just a few weeks following my double mastectomy and lymph node dissection, the words strike me.... Continue Reading →

A Way In the Wilderness

I am on a journey, a new path into a wilderness I would not have chosen to explore for myself.  With each step the terrain becomes a little more treacherous.  The underbrush grows thicker.  The trail less marked.  My steps are timid and reluctant, but I am moving steadily, often reaching out into this wilderness... Continue Reading →

Waiting Well

One would think that after four years of waiting for a cure for my chronic Lyme disease, I would be nothing short of stellar at this whole wait-and-see thing, right? Nope.  Not even close. But this waiting is different.  In the month since phrases like irregular margins and high suspicion of malignancy entered our vocabulary,... Continue Reading →

Heal Me, and I Shall Be Healed

I have never been one to publicly claim scripture.  Certainly not one to declare God's intentions or timing.  I don't honestly know how God's actual voice sounds. This doesn't mean that I'm not a Christian or that God's never sent a clear and fortuitous message to me.  Until recently, I guess I never thought of... Continue Reading →

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