I am engulfed in a muddy river of sorrow and loss. The current is strong, and I struggle to stay afloat. I fight and kick, but the debris of pain pulls me under. I surface just long enough to inhale and note my surroundings, only to be sucked down again…again…and again.  The waters are raging.... Continue Reading →

Day 1,111

My Lyme is flaring.  The IV-antibiotic treatment is causing spirochetes to die off faster than my body can expel them, and I am trapped in my own circle of hell.  At once there is pain throughout my body.  It consumes me.  I cannot think; there is only pain. I cannot eat; I will throw up.... Continue Reading →


The bow tie defies him, refusing symmetry. A skill handed down from a more traditional generation, my husband John prides himself on his ability to properly interlace the classic bow tie.  He scoffs, "My grandpa could've done this in just a couple minutes....with his eyes closed." He moves to a different bathroom, maybe thinking that a... Continue Reading →

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