It’s Not Worth It

As Izzi's fever continued to climb, everything I thought I'd figured out about my daughters' schooling dissolved. (This is Part 2 of 2-part series.  Read the first post here.) It started early that morning with complaints of a belly ache.  By noon she was vomiting. Izzi is a healthy child, rarely sick and always tough,... Continue Reading →

Is It Worth It?

Millions of families across the country are struggling with the same decision. Is it worth it to send my child back to school? As our home state of West Virginia is allowing the decisions to be made at the county level, school districts are scrambling to provide options to families while ordering masks and face... Continue Reading →

No Social Distancing For Ticks

Ticks don't care about coronavirus, race or politics.  In fact, all of the extra time you and your family are likely spending social-distancing outdoors is actually increasing your chances of being snagged as a deer tick's next meal. Read this now.  Don’t bookmark it to read later.  Do not wait until you are in the... Continue Reading →

Finding the Good

Intentional living is not a new concept, but I've never put it into practice more than I have the last two months. Well before the CDC issued social distancing guidelines, I was preparing here.  We were wearing masks at large public events, buying double our regular grocery list, and evaluating if my routine onco checkup... Continue Reading →


I lie in bed unable and unwilling to let sleep return.  It's another night of The Dreams.  My breathing has returned to normal, and I've sorted out what was dream and what is real.  You know what that's like, right?  You wake from a dream so real that it takes you a few minutes to... Continue Reading →

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