Finding the Good

Intentional living is not a new concept, but I've never put it into practice more than I have the last two months. Well before the CDC issued social distancing guidelines, I was preparing here.  We were wearing masks at large public events, buying double our regular grocery list, and evaluating if my routine onco checkup... Continue Reading →


I lie in bed unable and unwilling to let sleep return.  It's another night of The Dreams.  My breathing has returned to normal, and I've sorted out what was dream and what is real.  You know what that's like, right?  You wake from a dream so real that it takes you a few minutes to... Continue Reading →

A Letter To My Child’s High School Teacher

To my child's high school teacher, I know you're tired.  You're spending your days online and your eyeballs ache from it.  You're posting assignments, not just busy work but carefully considered plans and work intended to keep your students sharp.  You're balancing your own life throughout this, just like the rest of us.  You're feeling... Continue Reading →

Absence & Abundance

I've read posts on Facebook in which moms are boycotting the social distancing measures, choosing to brave the virus and go to the store to purchase items for Easter baskets. Oh, boy. If you're that mom, do you realize that quick trip to the dollar store just to pick up a bag of plastic eggs... Continue Reading →


Something inside me is itchy, an internal prickling I can't scratch. I have more time than ever, yet I find myself unable to focus on anything.  I am obsessed with scrolling, rarely compelled to click on links and certainly not finishing articles, no matter how important.  I'm addicted to the headlines without the commitment of... Continue Reading →

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