Lyme Awareness Links

Updated June 13, 2016

Prevention tips, from detailed research on repellents to prevention for your yard to your clothes, the Midcoast Lyme Disease Support and Education group provides a great article on these topics.

From The Mighty, “5 Choices People with Chronic Illness Have to Face.”

A new study out of George Mason University is detecting Lyme disease early with a urine test.  I found this highly intriguing and hopeful.  Check it out!

Following her granddaughter’s seven year battle with West Nile and Lyme disease, Teena Marks is calling for more education and awareness of mosquito and tick-transmitted diseases.  R.I.P. Baliee Wennihan, only 20-years-old.

In the first official statement issued on June 1, 2016, concerning the rumored memory problems of singer/songwriter, musician and actor Kris Kristofferson, longtime publicist Tamara Saviano says he is suffering from “short term memory problems due to undiagnosed and untreated Lyme Disease.  Read all about it.

“Lyme Disease — Just A Minor Bite or a Major Epidemic?” by The Huffington Post




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