After becoming infected with Lyme disease, I researched and researched tick repellants, desperately seeking the best protection for my five children. Yes, there are chemical sprays with DEET with great track records of repelling ticks.  This is the one my husband and his fellow hunters use during hunting season.  Research shows that it’s very effective,... Continue Reading →

The Game You Can’t Win

Click Here for a link to an interview I did from home with WDTV. Click Here for the edited version that actually aired and includes a little clip of my sweet white Lab puppy.  🙂

Praise House with Mrs. Kraus

There are individuals who are remarkably able to lift others even as they themselves journey through one of life's most feared trials and tribulations.  My sweet friend, Shelly, is one of those people.  Her walk with Jesus both astounds and inspires me as I marvel at her beautiful grace and tremendous faith every step of... Continue Reading →

Send Me A Sign

Have you ever yelled at God?  Not just one or two lines of frustration but a full-on tantrum based on anger, fear, confusion and, yes, a whole lot of frustration. Did you scream for a solid twenty minutes, a blubbering mess of tears and snot? I have.  I did.  I railed at my God the entire... Continue Reading →

Justifying Joy This Christmas

Christmas, with it's promise of shiny trinkets and warm decorations, was once my favorite time of the year.  Each season I added a new tree to the line up, totaling ten trees by 2012.  Each tree has its own personality and memories. There's the towering pencil tree with snow covered branches, wrapped in white lights and... Continue Reading →

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