Heal Me, and I Shall Be Healed

I have never been one to publicly claim scripture.  Certainly not one to declare God's intentions or timing.  I don't honestly know how God's actual voice sounds. This doesn't mean that I'm not a Christian or that God's never sent a clear and fortuitous message to me.  Until recently, I guess I never thought of... Continue Reading →

Cancer. I Have Cancer.

How do I tell my babies? How do I tell my mom? I’ve always been the strong one. The one who says, “everything will be okay” and “it’s going to be fine.  Just fine.” But I don’t know that right now.  I have more questions than answers, and fine feels unreachable.  It seems like a lifetime... Continue Reading →

Between the Covers

This is under construction.  Big, exciting things are coming very soon, so check back on Monday  Meanwhile, for those have asked, when I study the Bible I have entire army of variations of the Word surround me.  The four identified below are my go-tos.    Again, sorry for the mess, XO!   NIV, Bible to... Continue Reading →

Just Be

Go on.  Admit it.  You've missed me.... To those who have followed my journey for nearly four years, I owe an explanation for my absence here at A Broken Crayon. First, I thought I'd take a little break from writing, advocating and researching.  Summer began early with both of my daughters out of school before... Continue Reading →

Attack-a-Tick Sale

Those with any experience with Lyme disease ask the same question:  what can we do to protect ourselves from ticks??  A critical questions with multiple answers. Yes, there are chemical sprays with DEET with great track records of repelling ticks.  This is the one my husband and his fellow hunters use during hunting season.  Research shows... Continue Reading →

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