The Stuff You Use

I didn't want this life. Correction.  I don't want this life.  To say "didn't" is to imply that I have since changed my mind. I haven't. But to dig my heals in and refuse to move forward in spite of the circumstances is unproductive and exhausting.  Does it take more energy to kick and scream,... Continue Reading →


The bow tie defies him, refusing symmetry. A skill handed down from a more traditional generation, my husband John prides himself on his ability to properly interlace the classic bow tie.  He scoffs, "My grandpa could've done this in just a couple minutes....with his eyes closed." He moves to a different bathroom, maybe thinking that a... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Show on Earth

There's a chance --a really good chance --that I may be too old for the circus. I know, I know.  Shame on me, but as much as the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus fascinates me, I find my heart racing for more reasons than just the magic. Before the self-professed Greatest Show on Earth... Continue Reading →

The Blessings in the Busyness

I took it all for granted, charging through my days, shuttling my children to soccer practices and dance classes.  I pushed myself, somehow feeling like I had to do everything.  I had to fit it all in. By 8:00 on weekday mornings, I was teaching high school students, scrambling to get in every mandated objective, grade every... Continue Reading →

A Hint of Lyme

“Wh-what are you doing with all….” Her eyes are wide with confusion and awe. As soon as the words escape, I see her regret. She doesn’t even finish the question, but her reproof is out, suspended between us. My shopping cart overflows with an item most people purchase in singles, and I am buying in... Continue Reading →

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