Scary Good

There is no way to properly express the mixture of joy, relief and productivity I feel each time a family purchases a bottle of my tick repellent.  It isn't about profit.  After all, at this point, frankly, I earn only about two dollars per order.  But I didn't decide to do this as an income.... Continue Reading →

Justifying Joy This Christmas

Christmas, with it's promise of shiny trinkets and warm decorations, was once my favorite time of the year.  Each season I added a new tree to the line up, totaling ten trees by 2012.  Each tree has its own personality and memories. There's the towering pencil tree with snow covered branches, wrapped in white lights and... Continue Reading →

Get Ticked Off –Part 2: Be Proactive.

This is the second article in a four-part series on tick safety and Lyme disease. To read the first article, click here.  Please read, share, and DO THIS; it could save your life. In the classic movie Jurassic Park, after watching a newborn velociraptor hatch and learning that the dinosaurs in the park are kept from... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Look Sick: Part 1

We all have certain lines or phrases that rattle us. I cringe when someone prefaces with "I'm just saying..." or "No offense, but..."  To me, those words are signals, immediate clues warning me that whatever the speaker is about to say, he or she knows I will probably not agree with it. It's the quickest way... Continue Reading →

My Little Mess

Nearly every day I hear from an individual who has been affected by Lyme. I found a tick on me.  What do I do? I've been sick for months.  I've been tested for everything, but my symptoms really match Lyme disease.  Is there a test for Lyme? I've had Lyme disease for six years.  Your... Continue Reading →

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