The last month has been a jumble of activity here.  Three graduations.  Two birthdays.  A baby shower.  It has been one celebration after another, and thankfully, my body has, for the most part, cooperated.  Oddly enough though, I've spent a good bit of those celebrations with tears in my eyes. During Izzi's Pre-K graduation ceremony,... Continue Reading →

Resignation: Who Am I Now?

My great-grandmother was a teacher.  I've ran my fingers over her name and her sisters' names on the raised font on the plaque outside the one-room school house at Cedar Creek State Park. My great-Aunt Betty was a teacher, briefly, until she earned her PhD and helped the world in other ways. My mom is a daycare... Continue Reading →

Because This How I REALLY Look

Can we be real for about two minutes?  That's it.  Just two.  Then we can all go back to our perfect lives. This is what I look like when I wake up. See that hair?  Yeah, it's INSANE.  It deserves its own zip code!  With the chest port, I haven't mastered the art of keeping... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Look Sick: Part Two

This is part two in a three-part series on frustrating lines, including explanation for their hurtfulness, better phrases to use instead, and ways for the chronically ill to retrain their brain to hear the kind intentions in all words. You can read Part One here.  Now, let's get back to business. #5 AT LEAST IT'S... Continue Reading →

This Is The Life

It was the perfect start to our marriage, encompassing all that was important to us.  Family.  Friends.  Camping.  Dancing.  Music.  Campfires.  Lace-covered hay bales and a rustic arbor.  Mason jars of wildflowers, bouquets handpicked that morning by the little ones.  Burlap bows.  Flip-flops.  We wrote our own vows, included our five children, and were married... Continue Reading →

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