Baby, You’re My Firework

In the midst of a dreaded Walmart run, I had a moment. Don't worry.  This isn't a teary-eyed post.  It will be a celebration of sorts.  A celebration that it was MY kid having a meltdown and not yours. Come on.  Admit it.  When you see a child sobbing for a new toy or screaming... Continue Reading →

A Mother-Less Mother’s Day

It is their first mother-less Mother’s Day. No one verbalizes it, but each of us is thinking it. It feels wrong. Unnatural. A ten-year-old and a five-year-old should not be facing this. They look like two normal little girls, swimming with their friends on just another ordinary afternoon. Their blue eyes do not indicate sorrow.... Continue Reading →

Get Ticked Off –Part 4: Be Strong

This is the final article in a four-part series on tick safety and Lyme disease. Read the first article "Be Aware" here, the second "Be Proactive" here, and the third "Be Reactive" here. It's been over a month since I posted, which is just embarrassing, especially considering I was in the middle of writing this important... Continue Reading →

Get Ticked Off – Part 3: Be Reactive

This is the third article in a four part series on tick safety and Lyme disease.  Read the first article here and the second here.  This post is similar to a previous post, but with several critical updates added.  Please read, share, and DO THIS; it could save your life.  Read this now. Don't bookmark it to... Continue Reading →

Get Ticked Off –Part 1: Be aware.

It's that time of year again. Tick season. Nearly every day, I receive messages from people frantically seeking advice after finding ticks on themselves or their children.  What's their next steps?  I know they are terrified of winding up like me.  I've made my story so public; complete strangers are now aware that a tiny... Continue Reading →

My Dad, My Superman

  Father's Day is a complicated holiday for me.  While it is supposed to be a celebration of the men in our lives, it's often a day of regrets for me.  Cards and commercials force me to consider the choices I've made over the years and the permanent consequences of those choices --consequences my children... Continue Reading →


The last month has been a jumble of activity here.  Three graduations.  Two birthdays.  A baby shower.  It has been one celebration after another, and thankfully, my body has, for the most part, cooperated.  Oddly enough though, I've spent a good bit of those celebrations with tears in my eyes. During Izzi's Pre-K graduation ceremony,... Continue Reading →

Resignation: Who Am I Now?

My great-grandmother was a teacher.  I've ran my fingers over her name and her sisters' names on the raised font on the plaque outside the one-room school house at Cedar Creek State Park. My great-Aunt Betty was a teacher, briefly, until she earned her PhD and helped the world in other ways. My mom is a daycare... Continue Reading →

The Story Teller

My nephew Andrew Luke was born a little over a week ago. Although he is less than seven pounds and nearly five hours away, this miracle baby already occupies such a huge piece of our hearts. With each new photo, we are astonished at his mere existence. Izzi, who has always possessed an incredible fondness... Continue Reading →

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