Kicking Off 14 Days of Love

Even death couldn’t stop Misty Lei from supporting little Jack Rollins on his birthday, locally proclaimed Superhero Jack Rollins Day.

She was a real life Wonder Woman.

Hi, guys!  Tomorrow February 6th begins our 14 Days of Love in memory of Misty Lei Tomblin.  The response has already been incredible.  Let me share a few statistics and quotes with you.

  • As of yesterday, the Facebook post, which shared the original blog post, had reached 15,509 through Facebook alone in the following states:  West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Arizona, Illinois, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.
  • A Broken Crayon blog was read in twenty countries in the last week, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., India, Japan, Australia, France, the Netherlands, China, Finland, Mexico, Germany, Norway, Romania, the European Union, Brazil, Israel, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic.  Total views…almost 42,000.
  • The 14 Days post was read in English and translated in Spanish, French, Finnish, Japanese, and Dutch.
  • There were 44 shares that I could see.  Once it is shared beyond my “friends list,” it becomes viral, and I can’t access those numbers.  So 44 shares…minimum.

The point of all those numbers…..people worldwide are aware of our plight and are participating with us!  How exciting is that!  Misty Lei will NOT be forgotten.  Her memory lives on, even in different languages.

This is what people have written about our 14 Days of Love initiative.

“I just got done reading your 14 days of love article, which I loved! I’m very sorry for your loss. I also started doing random acts of kindness on the 19th of the month, which is the day my brother was killed instantly when a driver turned in front of him while on his motorcycle. This happened this past May. I miss him terribly. I knew I needed to do something to help me get through that day each month so I decided to start doing “good” things for others. I call it Do Good Day in Memory of Jay. I have a facebook page, if you want to check it out! Anyways, I have been thinking about making a card to give to people to pass it on and I would love for you to create a card for me!!  I shared your article on my facebook page and on my brother’s page and will be spreading kindness in Misty’s memory.”

(This is what we made for her and her reaction warmed my heart.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.49.08 PM

“What a beautiful way to teach our children about grief, loss, love, and kindness all at once. Although I didn’t know Misty personally, she was an acquaintance and dear friend to a mutual friend. My children and I will be doing this in her memory and in honor of #RAEGANSWISH. Raegan is the child of a friend from my hometown who suffers with SJIA. Part of Raegan’s “Make-A-Wish” is asking others to do a random act of kindness and then make a public post on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #RAEGANSWISH #RAKE, so she can read about it. She has already reached someone in every state and several countries with her wish. I’m sure being a part of this will make her smile. Thank you for this wonderful idea! ❤️”

“Will happily take part in this! Lost my best friend Kristie 2 years ago and I will do this in her and Misty Lei’s memory and honor! :)”

“This is so beautiful. Three years ago on January 31st one of my friends was killed instantly in a car accident leaving three little boys behind. I am going to do this in memory of her. I didn’t know Misty, but you have written so eloquently of her.”

“Jena, this is a great tribute to Misty Lei. I know I’m the one who tells stories and says her name a lot, but somehow that makes me feel closer to her. Going to visit her grave does not help me in any way, because I know she’s not there. So telling stories about things she did or would have done helps me cope. And I agree “time does not heal;” it only gives us an opportunity to learn to cope “sometimes”!! I’ll get everything ready and the girls and I will work on this over the weekend. Love you!” —Misty Lei’s mom

“My heart goes out to those little girls. There is literally nothing worse than to be a little girl growing up without there mommy. 17 years and I still cling to everything she touched. I have to speak of her frequently. I need her photos and nothing makes me happier than when someone says I look just like her. I know what those girls are going through to certain degree (everyone’s loss is different and they deal with it differently), and I would NEVER wish what I’ve gone through on any child. Just thinking about two little girls without their mommy makes me bawl.”

“Love this! What a wonderful way to spread love in honor of a dear one. My sweet sister in law has the ideas and resources you need!” —Anna Whiston-Donaldson

“14 Days of Love…to grieve, remember and support one another through loss. This is lovely 🙂💕.”

Look what we are doing!  Making a difference.  Spreading smiles.  Choosing life.  Keeping our dear friend’s memory alive.  

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.33.49 AM

A third grade teacher at my daughter’s school will be doing 14 Days with her class, but has allowed her students to come up with their own acts of kindness.  They are so creative!  I can’t wait to see what they and YOU share at #14DAYSOFLOVELEI on Instagram or on the LEI Facebook or A Broken Crayon FB page.  (Please remember little Raegan and share your acts at #RAEGANSWISH, too.)

Don’t just do the random acts of kindness; share the joy with all of us, especially Misty Lei’s mom and daughters, who so desperately need to know this precious woman has not been forgotten.

Speak her name.  Let love give you the strength.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.54.19 PM

Please post your name in the comments (of this blog or the FB page) so we can see how many people will be starting the 14 Days of Love with us tomorrow!

Keep coloring, my friends.


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  1. My son and I started on February 1st and are still going strong! It’s a joy to watch his face when we do the acts and also to listen to him guess who he thinks will be on the receiving end of the anonymous acts. I think taping the popcorn to the Redbox at Wal-mart has been his favorite so far. We even went back the next day to find that it was gone, so random acts of kindness are spreading in memory of Misty and in honor of our Raegan. Thank you for sharing this opportunity and also for mentioning #RAEGANSWISH! ❤️


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